Rossion Cars has built a boutique business, with the help of PRO-SET epoxy


“I’m from Mooresville – the home of NASCAR – in North Carolina,” says Jason Young, Global Sales Rossion Cars. “All my buddies race or build cars, so it makes sense that I stayed in the industry I grew up with.”

And what a company to be working for. Rossion builds a mere 36-48 cars a year at its 45,000sq ft facility in Palm Beach, Florida. Each car takes around six months to be hand crafted, worked on by a team of Rossion’s 70 employees.

Rossion Car made with PRO-SET epoxy

“Lots of manufacturers build super cars but they’re mass producers,” Jason explains. “They build more in a day than we do all year. Before we even start we take six to eight hours to go through every detail that a customer wants on the car. The colour of stitching on the steering wheel, the writing on the brake calliper. We look at very detailed sections on the car which is why it’s really rare to see them for re-sale as owners as have spent so much time on their bespoke item.”

As well as that attention to detail spectacular design and craftmanship, the other thing that every Rossion owner does have in common is PRO-SET epoxy products.

Rossion Car made with PRO-SET epoxy

“We use PRO-SET epoxy for all the carbon-fibre composite items comprising our line of vehicles, which include the ROSSION Q1 (street version), ROSSION Q1R (track version) MOSLER MT900S (street version) and MOSLER MT900R (track version) models. This includes all the bespoke visual carbon aspects as well,” Jason explains. “Our vehicles are PRO-SET epoxy billboards. We’ve only ever used PRO-SET epoxy since we moved production to the USA in 2013. The affinity for the product came with the expert guys who we employed. It’s like Coke or Pepsi, McDonalds or Burger King. We have a PRO-SET epoxy mind-set and it’s staying.

Rossion Car made with PRO-SET epoxy

“We choose PRO-SET products because of their proven product consistency, simplicity of ratio mixtures and the very knowledgeable technical support team. Since our cars vary with each build, it’s nice to know that there’s a PRO-SET epoxy team member willing to assist when we have a question. This allows Rossion to create a vehicle that will be cherished by each owner for many years to come and the main element of this product is the carbon fibre body of the vehicle… which is bonded by our loyalty to the PRO-SET epoxy brand.

“For carbon fibre infusion we use PRO-SET INF-114 Infusion Resin and INF-211 Medium Infusion Hardener. For our laminating we use PRO-SET LAM-125 Low Viscosity Laminating Resin and LAM-229 Slow Laminating Hardener.”

Rossion Car made with PRO-SET epoxy

Jason can’t put a quantity on the volume of PRO-SET epoxy used in each vehicle. “Every vehicle we produce is bespoke,” he says. “So it varies from customer to customer depending on their affinity for visual vs non-visual carbon fibre elements.”

Rossion Car made with PRO-SET epoxy

But what we can quantify is how absolutely stunning these lovingly created bespoke cars are, don’t you agree?

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