Photo report: The best of RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show, 2017


What another fantastic RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show!

The event was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with our customers, from up-and-coming sailors doing repairs on their boats, to large boatyards adopting the latest epoxy infusion techniques.

Between meetings, we also got to see some of the best dinghies coming out of the UK right now and there were some real beauties on show.

Here’s our ‘ten of the best’ line up for your reading and viewing pleasure.

David Johnson
David Johnson

1) The Vampire foiling catamaran

Vampire foiling catamaranThis revolutionary catamaran is the result of a collaboration between sailor William Sunnucks and boat builder Graham Eeles. Based on the design of the hugely successful International Moth and built in Brightlingsea, it flies on underwater ‘foils’ and is capable of achieving speeds of more than 30 knots downwind. The boat’s carbon fibre foils, which lift the twin hulls free of the water while sailing, are made using PRO-SET infusion epoxy and the port-side main foil is clearly visible in this picture taken at the show. Find out more and watch a video about The Vampire, at:

2) Super Nova by Hartley Boats 

Hartley BoatsDesigned for single-handed sailing without the complexity of wins or trapeze wires, the Super Nova dinghy class is extremely popular. This sleek, latest-generation dinghy from Hartley Boats is the fastest and best performing Super Nova ever. PRO-SET laminating epoxy ensures that it’s up to the stresses and strains of competitive racing, while keeping its weight down to a svelte 50 kilograms. For more information, visit:

3) Flying 10 by Tim Loftus

Flying 10 by Tim Loftus Built by Tim Loftus and Dan Johnson (Johnson & Loftus Boatbuilders in Ullapool), the Flying 10 won the Concours d’Elegance at the show this year. The singlehanded dinghy design from 1949 by Uffa Fox is built from double diagonal Utile veneers, cold-moulded with WEST SYSTEM epoxy for strength and longevity. You can see the proud builders and the trophy in the picture. You can also find out more at: and

4) Osprey by Hartley Boats

Osprey by Hartley Boats The brand new Osprey was infused with PRO-SET INF Epoxy in the few days before the show this year, making it literally hot out of the mould. Designed by the legendary Ian Proctor, creator of the National 12 and the Merlin Rocket, this version of the Osprey (Mark IV) has been redesigned and updated by Phil Morrison. Hartley’s blurb says, “If you like the idea of a Bentley Continental GT, this could be the dinghy for you.” With exquisite quality laminates, a super-stable design and weighing in at just 140 kilograms, who are we to argue? Read more at:

5) Exocet by Simon Maguire

Exocet by Simon Maguire The design of Simon Maguire’s Exocet International Moth is a World Championship winner. Having recently moved into a new production facility, Simon is now gearing up to produce more of these exquisitely finished “mothies”. The Exocet is a monohull design that runs on T-Section foils, which means its super-fast and at 28 kilograms including sails and rig, it’s even manageable out of the water. Our man at the show described the finish on some parts of the boat as being “like jewellery” in its detail and quality – a beautiful design, beautifully realised. Find out more about the Exocet International Moth at:

6) Whisper by White Formula 

Whisper by White Formula The Whisper is a wonderful example of a world-class foiling catamaran built with first-rate materials (PRO-SET INF Epoxy), with excellent process control. The results are a lightweight, flawless composite boat that drew a lot of attention at this year’s show. Find out more at:

7) Blaze by Hartley Boats

Blaze by Hartley Boats Hand-laminated with PRO-SET LAM epoxy, the Hartley Blaze is a leader in its class. With great materials and process control, Hartley has delivered a flawless finish that will be the envy of every keen competitor in the Blaze Class. Find out more about the Hartley Blaze at:

8) Merlin Rocket by Winder Boats

Merlin Rocket by Winder Boats Built 10 years ago using PRO SET epoxy the Winder Merlin Rocket is still looking a million dollars. At this years’ show David Winder was showing two Merlin Rockets, plus his legendary Fireball dinghy. He continues to favour the quality and handling characteristics of PRO-SET epoxy, which features in most of his builds. Find out more at

9) HADRON H2 by Hadron Dinghies

Hadron by Keith Calaghan Designed by Keith Callaghan and finished by Simon Hipkin, HADRON H2 is a delight for single-handed sailors who don’t want the complexity of a trapeze. It’s light, fast, strong and exciting to sail. Find out more at

10) Moth by Mike Lennon

Moth by Mike LennonBased on a brand new design by Dave Hollom, the Moth was built by Mike Lennon and White Formula. It’s another great example of the exquisite composite that can be achieved with PRO-SET epoxy and superb process control. Find out more at:



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